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Booklet Printing

Booklet printing can provide great information for your prospects or current clients. The more information you provide or more images you can showcase the more of an informative decision your customer will be able to make. Your booklet can showcase counltess amounts of products and also provide extensive details on your business. Your booklet can be an expression of your company's image. You can place customer testimonials or even prsent a company mission statement.

Our booklet printing can be customized with the amount of pages needed to bring your message across. Several industries use booklets to display new product lines or to give customer's desired information.

When creating your printed booklet remember that image is everything. You only have a few seconds to make a first impression, so make it count!

Here's a few different variables to consider for your printed booklet

What size would you like your booklet printing to be?
Would you benefit from a small "pocket" size? Will it be handed out at trade shows were a smaller size would be more convenient? Or would you prefer your printed booklet to have a larger "business" feel? Consider the size you choose to be part of the over all look of the book. Also take into consideration how much information you'll be placing in your printed booklet.

How many pages would you like for your booklet printing?
Pages can range from 4 to an unlimited amount of pages. Pages will always be in "2"s due to the front and back being counted as "2" pages. Certain price savings apply at certain page counts so be sure to ask before you begin to build your print files.

How would you like your booklet printing to feel?
There's two different variables that affect the final feel of your booklet printing, paper & coating. The paper can be your choice of a "glossy" stock, which emphasizes color more or you can go with a "dull" stock which will give a more "artistic" type of feel. The coating works in the same way, you can choose a "gloss" AQ coating or a "dull" AQ coating depending on the desired look you are going for.

Will your booklet have a separate cover?

Booklets are printed with two different options. The first being called a "self cover" which means your entire printed book will be on the same paper stock & have the same print options. The second is called "plus cover" which means you will have a separate cover on your booklet which can be of a different paper stock with different types of print options.

How many would you like?
In the past printing a small number of booklets was unheard of. Make ready costs would drive your price sky high and printing a small quantity of books was the same as printing a large number of books. But what if you needed only a handful of books for an important meeting? Now thanks to revolutionary new technology printing a small quantity of booklets is not only possible, it's affordable! Choose as many as you'd like or as little as you need.

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