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Die Cut Business Cards

Die cut business cards are a perfect way to stand out from the competition. Business cards are the primary form of introducing yourself with all of your business contact info. However often times your card gets "lost" in the bunch.

With die cut business cards you're guaranteed to stand out from the rest.

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“Getting Bent Out of Shape”: die cut business cards

Die cut business cards are produced by a process called “die cutting,” in which a die (or blade) is pressed into a certain shape and cuts out a shape from the paper that the die is made into. Dies are similar to cookie cutters that you use when baking cookies. The die or blade touches the paper in the printing process and makes an incision the same shape as the blade. When the paper is printed, you can see the shape that you wanted carved out from the rest of the sheet of paper.

What are some good ideas for die cut business cards? You can have your die cut business cards made according to your specifications, designs, and fancies. If you own a couples’ dating service, you can use a die to make heart-shaped business cards to show that dating leads to love. You can even use the heart-shaped business card if you own a wedding catering service—since weddings happen because two people love each other. The heart-shaped business card is perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and marriage anniversaries.

If you are a jeweler (i.e., Kay Jewelers), you could select a die blade in the shape of a “kiss” (two lips) and then use the space in-between the kiss on the business card to print your contact information. You could also use roses or a ring to represent the business card shape, since both of these are also characteristic of the Valentine Day theme. If you own a shoe store that caters to women’s designer fashion, perhaps a business card in the form of a red high-heeled shoe might add a snazzy touch to your business card.

Another wonderful holiday to take advantage of is St. Patrick’s Day. One of the most common die cut business cards on this holiday is the four-leaf clover. If you own a specifically Irish business that makes nothing but Irish products, St. Patrick’s Day is your time to shine! For other companies, you can still use the four-leaf clover theme. If you own a gold or silver manufacturing company (or a jeweler), you can have a gold bar business card, a silver bar business card, or even a diamond-shaped or gem-shaped business card (whatever gem you would like). Coin manufacturers can have die cut business cards in the shape of gold and silver coins.

If you are a construction company, such as “Alfred’s Roofing” (mere example), you can actually produce a die cut business card in the shape of a roof or a chimney. If you are an architectural company, design your card in the shape of a house blueprint, with a white background and traces of blue ink (similar to a real blueprint). If you own a clock business, you can make your business card in the shape of a custom clock in order to help people remember that you sell clocks.

die cut business cards are a wonderful way to tailor your business information in an aesthetically-pleasing way. Nothing will better attract customers than seeing your shape-designed business cards. If you show precision and care in your work, customers will show an interest in your product. You are what you invest.

Impact Color Print is proud to create die cut business cards for all your needs. We can print anything you want, in any shape or fashion you so desire. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can help Call 800-670-9866 or visit us on the web at for more details.